Group Exhibitions


The Universal curated by Gregory Harris. Filter Photo Festival. Chicago, IL. September-October, 2019.

Another Day in Paradise (online exhibition). Curated by Anastasia Samoylova and Gregory Eddi Jones. August, 2019.

Time After Time. Curated by Will Douglas. QUAID/Parallelogram Gallery. Tampa, FL. July 29-August 22, 2019.

Policing Gender. Curated by Lorenzo Triburgo. Amos Eno Gallery. Brooklyn, NY. July, 2019

Ain’t Bad Collaborations Curated by Taylor Curry and Carson Sanders. Laney Contemporary. Savannah, GA. May 22- August 10, 2019

Trees: Life in the Slow Lane. Curated by Kat Kiernan. Photoplace Gallery. MIddlebury, VT. May 16-June 15, 2019

The Print Center’s 93rd ANNUAL International Competition (online exhibition). Juried by José Diaz and Lisa Sutcliffe. February 2019

Delay. Curated by Daniel Everett. Washer Dryer Projects. Salt Lake City, UT. Jan 26-Feb 27, 2019.


Anti-Nostalgia. Curated by Elin o'Hara Slavick and Olivia Huntley. The Carrack. Durham, NC. October, 2018.

Seeing Red (
online exhibition). Curated by Kat Kiernan. Don’t Take Pictures. Fall, 2018.

From Here on Out. Curated by June T. Sanders and Julie Gautier-Downes. Object Space Gallery. Spokane, WA.
September, 2018.

curated by Gordon Stennius and Ashby Nickerson. Candela Gallery. Richmond, VA. July, 2018.


What the World Needs Now curated by Anita Arliss and Ruben Natal-San Miguel. B Complex. Atlanta, Georgia. September, 2017.

Food Art Show Curated by Jeremy Buben. Joe’s Seattle. Seattle, WA. March, 2017.


WE: Americans. Curated by Ruben Natal San Miguel. Station Independent Projects. NY, NY. August, 2016.


Flora and Fauna. Curated by Alison Zavos/ Feature Shoot. Photoville. Brooklyn, NY. September, 2015.

The Rights of Summer. Curated by Ruben Natal San Miguel. Ripe Art Gallery, Huntington, NY. July, 2015

Eat This. With Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman. Curated by Laura Thompson. MCLA Gallery 51. North Adams, MA. April, 2015.


Up Close and Personal. Curated by Ruben Natal San Miguel. Fuchs Projects. Bkln, NY. April, 2014. 

Deviled Eggs. Curated by Jeff Mclane. Photo LA. Los Angeles, CA. January, 2014. 


Blow Up . Curated by Aline Smithson. Filter Photo Festival. Chicago, IL. September-October, 2013

Useful Pictures. Curated by Zach Nader. Michael Matthews Gallery. NY, NY. April, 2013.

Someone I Know. Curated by Stuart Pilkington. April, 2013.


Picture Show. Curated by Claudia Eve Beauchesne. Brooklyn Heights Cinema. Brooklyn, NY. July, 2012


The Nature. Curated by Jordana Zeldin. The Drawing Room. NY, NY. July 2011.

100 Portraits. Curated by Andy Adams and Larissa Leclair. Australian Centre for Photography. July 2011.

Moments of Being (Traveling Exhibition). Wall Space Gallery. Seattle, WA. February 2011.

Tuesday. Curated by Amani Olu. Mixed Greens. NY, NY. January 2011.

Moments of Being (Traveling Exhibition). Wall Space Gallery. Santa Barbara, CA. January 2011.


Je Suis Une Bandede Jeunes. Installation at the New York Art book Fair. PS1. Nov, 2010

100 Portraits. Curated by Andy Adams and Larissa Leclair. Corcoran Museum. Washington, DC. Nov, 2010.

Consume Exit Art. New York, NY. June 12 to August 28, 2010.

Consumption Juried by Brian Clamp. The Center for Fine Art Photography. Fort Collins, CO. July 2010.

Sultry Kris Graves Projects. Brooklyn, NY. July 2010.

Spring Fever. Curated by Catherine Wyatt and Alyssa Menegat. Shangri-La. Brooklyn, NY. May, 2010.

Graphic Intersections. Curated by Ben Alper. Umbrage Editions. Brooklyn, NY. May 2010.


Slideluck Potshow. Curated by Leslie Martin and Casey Kelbaugh. Aperture Foundation. NYC. Nov, 2009.

The Art of Photography. Curated by Charlotte Cotton. San Diego, CA. August 29th-Nov1st, 2009.

Slideluck Potshow/ Look3 Festival. Charlottesville, VA. June 2009

Trees I Have Known. The Lawrence Percolator, Lawrence, Kansas. March-May 2009.

Flora and Fauna. Newspace Center for Photography Portland, Oregon. February, 2009.


Fjord Curated by Alana Celii and Grant Willing. Meet Waradise. New York, NY. November, 2008.

All Hallows’ Even Curated by Emily Elsen Gowanus Studio. Brooklyn, NYC. November 2008

Revisiting America Curated by Amani Olu. Bond Street Gallery. Brooklyn, NYC. October 2008

I’ll Be Your Mirror... Curated by Julie Fishkin and Matt Lucas. Heist Gallery, NYC. July 2008

Various Photographs Curated by Tim Barber. Brooklyn, NY. May 2008

Fun Gun Curated by Bradley Troemel. Satin Satan Gallery. Chicago IL. Feb 2008


Ain’t Bad 2019

Ain’t Bad 2018

Capricious: Masculinity. 2013

Supermassive Black Hole. April, 2013.

JSBJ. September, 2010.

Meatpaper. Winter, 2010

"0-100" Issue #5. Fall, 2009

Flash Forward. 2009.

Vice Photo Issue, 2006



Bard College. BA Photography. Annandale-On-Hudson, NY.